Welcome to my greedy gob!

Hello one and all and welcome to my very first blog post! I’m hoping the first will be the hardest post to write as I have been farting about with the first sentences for half an hour now. I reckon they’ve turned out pretty good in the end though!

What I decided is that I’ll give you an outline of what to expect to see coming out of and going into my gob in my weekly blithering.

  • Chrissie’s kitchen. I will be boasting about my culinary successes, including exclusive quotes from my guinea pig family and friends who I regularly stuff with grub
  • Veganism can be chock full of issues and debates. This, I hope, will be a positive and friendly forum in which to discuss such issue
  • Challenge Chrissie! I’ll be asking you to give me your favourite(previous or current) non-vegan dish and I will be attempting to transform it, SHAZAM, into a vegan version. My past triumphs have included pie and mash, which I fed to my nans and black forest gateau, in honour of my German in-laws
  • Compassionate eating. Reviews and recommendations for vegan products which can be used to replace animal products such as alternatives to dairy, meat and fish
  • Myth busters. A life of eating vegan food is associated with a number of misconceptions. I’ll bring you the truth straight from the brain of a real life vegan!
  • Vegan in mainstream life. In a hugely non-vegan dominated world, shining gems of animal free tastiness do exist. Expect info on accidentally vegan products, meals and vegan features in the media (intentional or not)
  • My inspiration! I am regularly reminded why I do my best to live compassionately towards humans and other animals and I’ll share these thoughts with you

With so much to say and such a small attention span, I hope to keep my posts snappy, interesting, entertaining and thought/appetite provoking. Oh, and definitely follow me if you want to see lots of pervy food pictures too!


11 Comments Add yours

  1. Leah says:

    Great stuff Chrissie! Defo want that recipe of the vegan pie – that pastry looks delicious! Good on you 🙂


    1. Thanks Leah! Do sent me any requests, but pie will probably be the first recipe I do. I don’t know anyone who don’t love a pie!


  2. joemlinar says:

    Love to see some recipes from You and in your comments.


  3. joemlinar says:

    I would love to see some recipes from you and in the comments.
    I went to a restaurant over the weekend and the only vegetarian options they had on the menu had Fish in them or wer packed full of chease. I asked the manager of The restaurant and he suggested pasta about 6 times. Just goes to show that people don’t really know what vegetarian is.


    1. Thanks Joe. It’s a good point about people getting the definition of veggie confused. Although the label itself isn’t necessarily important to the people avoiding animal products (it’s being done with the animals in mind and not their own image), it is helpful for other people to understand the difference between people who do and do not eat animals. Veggie restaurants are a treat for not having to worry about that sort of thing!


  4. Rami says:

    Dodkin! I will be so looking forward to many mouth watering recipes! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Rami! You can be a guest guinea pig for one of my dishes when you visit!


  5. Ab says:

    Give me a nice recipe for my veg box this week. I ‘very got carrots, broccoli, shrooms, leeks……


    1. Well, chuck me in at the deep end why don’t you?! What type of mushroom are they? It makes all the difference to what I’d do with them (plus, asking you buys me a bit more thinking time!)


  6. Dot Dodkin says:

    Does this mean me and your dad can look forward to more of your gorgeous food


    1. It does my lovely muv…but only if you give my grub shining reviews!


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