Ain’t no party like a cruelty free party!

If a vegan ever invites you to their party, GO! Chances are that they are relishing theFleur opportunity to stuff you silly with their very best cooking and show off how fantastic vegan food is. Well, that’s what happens if you get invited to my place! And if you are as gluttonous as me, why not take advantage?!

For the birthday celebration of my German other half, the food theme was “German or what Phil likes”. So, the spread was, shall we say, eclectic and went something like this:

  • Dips – Guacamole, Salsa, cashew nut dip
  • Snacks – Tortilla chips, pretzels, mini poppadoms, bacon crispies (Bacon style crisps available in UK supermarkets)
  • Sausage rolls
  • Schnitzels (from the excellent Fry’s Vegetarian)
  • Ham and mustard sandwiches (Ham from Vbites)
  • Creamy pasta salad
  • Curry-wurst
  • Black forest gateau
  • Banana and chocolate chip cake


Me and sausageCurry wurst

Curry-Wurst prep

I had a bit of help – luckily a vegan friend visiting, who is an excellent cook, took over the dips and pasta salad, and mighty fine they were too! (Cheers Titus!)

I so chuffed with the comments, including “It’s better than a meat buffet”, from a recently turned vegetarian, “Its so nice to be able to eat everything”, from a vegan and “How is THAT vegan?” from a meat eater. The best thing about the occasion was having a flat full of people with all kinds diets, loving food which we could all enjoy together.


The towering BFG – later enjoyed directly off the serving plate!

Other highlights of the party were dancing with sandwiches in our mouths, the amazing field roast frankfurters used to make curry-wurst, which were a massive hit with everyone, and the accidentally towering black forest gateau.  I was also very touched by one non-vegan guest who managed to figure out that not all wine is vegan (even lots of new vegans don’t realise that!) and then went to the effort of seeking one out to bring us. How lovely!

Me and shots
I used the remaining cherry juice and cherry schnapps from the Black Forest Gateau to make some shots

Aside from the food, this awesome party involved fantastic company, dancing, singing, tequila shots and acapella karaoke, complete with fake mic! It’s so important to me that people do not think vegan food must be boring…this vegan party was anything but!

Table close up

Katie table    Markus  Kate feed Vicki

Recipes on party food to follow soon!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. 86fleur says:

    Can’t wait to see the recipes!


  2. 86fleur says:

    Can’t wait to see the recipes!!


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