Just when you think your lunch is screwed


As a self confessed greedy git I am pretty distressed when I have an unsatisfactory meal. I plan meticulously so that this happens as little as possible, but sometimes, when you are busy and cupboards not full, cobbled together food may need to happen. I prepare myself to be disappointed (I don’t take food failures well).

However, when a suspected measly lunch ends up being flaming delicious, I then have to control my delight and my mastication rate, as I furiously gobble my unexpectedly delightful dish.

A humble couscous and salad did this for me today. It sounds boring, which is why I wasn’t enthused, but with a little help from some peri peri seasoning, AMAZING smoked tofu and the mouth burning delight that is red onion, I was well happy. Other beauties in this dish included some strong cheddar sheese, mixed into the warm cous cous along with the tofu, tomato, lettuce and sunflower seeds, accompanied by a small amount of red onion. Just look at it! LUSH! Now I just have to deal with the disappointment of it being over!


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  1. theveganmuffinwoman says:

    I’m the same way. I get frantic when I realize I have nothing good to whip up and then settle into resigned grumpiness as I endure a less-than- fulfilling meal. Then I count down the hours until the next one! Haha!


    1. Glad I’m not alone. I turn into the hulk if I’m hungry and no food is in the vicinity! My poor partner/family/friends/whoever happens to be in my way :-0

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