Happy World Vegan Day!


Pictured here are two of some beautiful boys and girls who I had the honour of being a part of saving from certain early death. When I get to meet wonderful animals like this and imagine that their lives could have been cut so tragically short, I am SO thankful that I made the decision not to be a part of the routine cruelty and death involved in meat, dairy and other animal production for human use.

I have only two regrets about becoming vegan – that I didn’t do it sooner and that I now have to remember to chew when I eat because I’m so excited by getting food down my gob all the time!

Make a pledge today to become vegan! It’s not a sacrifice, it’s an adventure if new foods, ideas, compassion and mostly happiness – for you and the animals!

Get informed by checking out the Vegan Society or Veganuary or number of other vegan organisations to find out how you can become empowered to start saving animals and start your compassionate journey!


And what possible better way to celebrate?!



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