Double cake, triple dog: What a weekend!

The only way last weekend could have been better, would have been if there was more cake and more dogs…but I’m not that greedy.
Dogs first – I had the honour if taking care of my friends sweet little Westie, Spring. What a softie (coat and personality wise). She and I journeyed to a family gathering which included another two doggie friends – Sam, the dignified, gentle rescued greyhound and Trixie, the mummies girl poodle princess – both glorious in their own way.

The gathering is where the first cake happened. Not able to miss an opportunity to show how great animal free food is, I made a delightfully camp sparkly pink iced chocolate cake. This fab chocolate cake recipe is so simple, resulting in a moist, tasty chocolate sponge which is delicious, however you go on to abuse it (as I did with icing and glitter!). This is the chocolate sponge recipe I used for my Black Forest gateau featured in my party blog post – the full recipe for which will come soon!

My family were suitably impressed and left only one small slice, despite there being other shop bought, non-vegan cakes available. My nan, the host of the evening, snaffled the last piece away for another time, and deservedly so for having to put up with the squawking rabble taking over her usually peaceful home.
Cake number two was a belated birthday cake for an extraordinarily lovely friend of mine who came to stay round the next evening. Lemon cake with lemon buttercream icing centre and a lemon glacé topping, accompanied by sparkling water with a squeezed lemon chunk in (ok, we bought too many lemons for the party a few weeks ago and I’m using every opportunity to use them). This was eaten with the frozen remains – stay with me, this is nicer than it sounds – of the whipped cream also left over from the cake at the party. It’s amazing when whipped and frozen and is really vanillary (that is a word right?) We get this from the Vx shop in King’s Cross, London, but I’m sure other vegan Kosher whipping creams are available to people elsewhere? Let me know in the comments below…


The weekend was topped of by ratty playtime, during which we squeezed and tickled the lovely little mini dogs, as like to call them, until we exhausted ourselves. To see them running and playing filled us with joy…and being continually joyous is a knackering business!

I hope your weekend was filled with as much cake, furry friends and lovely people as mine was. I feel as though I was lucky enough to have my quota of those things for the month, all in one weekend!


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  1. Dot - Mum says:

    I would like to add something. On that evening in question, the dogs were more well behaved than the humans!
    Also the chocolate cake is one of my favourites and I bless my lovely vegan daughter every day for her mouthwatering cooking.


    1. Thanks mummy! There’s nothing like an unbiased, un blinkered, non-rose-tinted opinion…and that was nothing like and unbiased, un blinkered, non-rose-tinted opinion! 😀


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