Compassion in the form of a massive cream cake.

Well, eating cruelty free has never been so fantastic! The first time I had one of these bad boys was six years after I became vegan, so at least that long since I’d had a cream cake. Flipping heck – I was happy.

IMG_4078.PNGThe excitement was unbearable! I could hardly beleive my tastebuds. The cream is fluffy and soft and the icing is deliciously sweet. We recently took them to a friend and they were perfect for afternoon tea. I also shared them with friends who have been vegan for more than two decades and I cannot begin to describe the expression of happiness on their faces. Oh, to spread such joy!

IMG_4006.JPGThese huge cream cakes are only £2.50 each and available from the Vx shop (from the Secret Society of Vegans) in London’s King’s Cross. They have a patisserie counter in which they have everything from cream doughnuts to eclairs and cream slices and more!

They usually get a massive delivery on a Friday afternoon. This means that, if you work in London, it’s perfect for picking up before the weekend. If you are visiting London for the weekend, you can include a trip to pick up cream cakes on your travels. Vx is a short walk from King’s Cross station so there really is no reason not to get yourself there and stuff one of these beast in your gob! Knowing that no cows have been harmed in the making of these fantastic cream cakes can only make them taste even better!

IMG_4077.PNGKnow somewhere else that sells vegan cream cakes in the UK or anywhere else in the world? Let me know – comment below!


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  1. Arielle says:

    I love your posts, everything always look so good!!


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