THAT’S vegan? Say what!?

In order that I don’t miss out on a single crumb of cruelty free food, ever, I am always looking out for new products which are labeled and advertised as vegan. Sometimes, however, vegan products pop up when you are just not expecting them. Here are two examples which, on first glance, I would simply walk past on the shelf, as my greedy little eyes scan for vegan suitable fodder.

Exhibit A – Sour cream and chive snacks! These taste, as far as my 7  year old vegan brain can remember, very sour creamy and were very easy to shovel down. Because they are made from quinoa, they are not greasy and have a great crunch. The best thing ever is that I got them in the 99p shop! Unfortunately I have not seen them in there since, but this brand does sell smaller bags in health food shops. Other flavours are delicious too, but this is a treat if you fancy a sour cream kick without the moo!

photo 2 (5) photo 3 (3)

Exhibit B isn’t a food item, but is something that I have repeatedly ignored for about a year because I did not imagine it would be vegan. I think you can forgive me for assuming milk and honey hand wash might contain animal products. How happy I was to peer and the back of the container and be proven completely wrong!

 photo 2 (6) photo 3 (4)

I knew that astonish is a cruelty free brand in terms of animal testing, but I actually didn’t realise that the whole range is vegan. The fact that this is also cheap and found in 99p shops too (seriously, that place is an unexpected treasure trove) means that loads of people are buying cruelty free products without even knowing it. I can hear the animals giving a YIPPEE from here!

Now I am well aware that, for those interested in whole, natural and organic products, these may not be to their taste. I mean, how do you make sour cream flavour without sour cream or milk and honey handwash without milk or honey? I honestly don’t know, but am happy that some clever chap figured it out and, personally, I am well up for it!

There are literally hundreds of other vegan products just waiting to be sniffed out by compassionate little noses. One of my friends is a super vegan snack hunter and recently told me about vegan rum truffles and stollen bread in Aldi! The information is also out there if you just search, for example, on the Vegan (Supermarket finds) UK facebook page.

There is a special, unique emotion, that I have when I discover an unexpected vegan product. It’s a mixture of excitement, greed and strong desire to tell every compassionate consumer I know – I’VE FOUND A NEW VEGAN PRODUCT!

I want your feedback! What has been you favourite vegan find?



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