Loads of compassionate food ideas – just come and look into my greedy gob!

How do you like to look at pictures of delicious food? Better still, do you want new and exciting ideas for feeding your face, while expressing compassion for our furry friends? You are in luck! By following my Greedy Gob on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you will receive updates on the food I’m eating, discovering and forcing other people to make me. You will never be short of appetizing, animal friendly food ideas.
Staying true to my namesake, I enjoy any food imaginable, as long as my animal buddies are kept firmly out of the equation. From faux meat and dairy free cream cakes to raw recipes and hastily prepared salads, I’m willing to give anything a try in the name of compassionate cuisine and snacking!
I know, I know, I’m brave and selfless, doing it all for the animals. Aren’t I just lucky I’m one greedy git!
photo 1

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  1. My Goodness, that cake looks flipping lovely, I need the recipe!


    1. It’s an icecream bomb! It was lush! I’ll give you the recipe soon! 🙂


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