Egg on my face

Egg might be something you find difficult to give up when going vegan. The last time I had them I had to ask my friend to make me an omelette because I couldn’t face raw egg. This was the point to just quit it! It can be easy to just avoid eating egg, but if you love the flavour and want suitable replacements, frankly you’re spoilt for choice! Here’s your very own guide on how to use delicious egg substitutes.

Omelette sandwich
Vegan omelette sandwich!

Egg and soldiers –The Vegg, oh boy. You want egginess, you got it! This powder mixes up with water to give a pungent yolk-like mix which can be used in a number of ways. Mix up the Vegg powder with hot water and eat with soldiers (toast cut into thin slices for dipping!). It may make you a little apprehensive because of just how eggy it smells and looks, but knowing no sweet chicks were harmed in its making may just egg you on, literally.

Omelette – A awesome product, which is available from Vx, the vegan boutique in London, is a powdered omlette mix. This may be available in other health food shops and can be bought online. It is a simple mix-with-water-and-fry job. Try it with sausage, tomato, onion and dairy free cheese or recreate your favourite omelette combo. Attempts to think of a good name for the vegan omelette didn’t go well; vomlette will never catch on! Let’s stick with vegan omelette.

photo 4

Scrambled egg – Silken tofu, makes a great scramble on toast or with a full breakfast. Check here for details on how to make scrambled tofu. Mix in a small amount of made up Vegg mixture when making scrambled tofu and pop it in during cooking. It really gives scramble that eggy kick.

Eggy bread/french toast – dip your bread in the Vegg mixture and fry on each side until golden brown. The bread is saturated and crispy with the oil, so it’s a rather unhealthy but truly delicious!

Eggy bread
Eggy bread
Egg mayonnaise – Mix up some silken tofu with an eggs worth of the Vegg, some eggless mayonnaise, available in health food shops and supermarket free from sections, and season. Amazing in sandwiches with some cress or cucumber. A rather British affair!

An indulgent breakfast using the Vegan omlette mix
In baking – Egg alternatives for cakes and baking are available in your local health food shop. For baking cakes, I prefer to use recipes use oils to replace the function of eggs, which serves to bind the ingredients. Check out other ways you can replace eggs in baking


My infamous lemon cake made using oil instead of egg

Previously being a huge fan of eggs I thought that it would be so hard to give them up. But as with cutting any animal product from your diet, the reason for cutting them out is far more important than a craving for a boiled egg or omelette. As an unnecessary by-product of eggs (including free range and organic) newly hatched boy chicks are killed in their hundreds of thousands every day. Millions of chickens never see daylight whilst the churn out egg used in cakes and mayonnaise. With such great alternatives available, how can their consumption be justified?


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