A Vx Happy Birthday!

What more could I wish for after being away from home for a month than to party with some cool vegans and eat and drink until I pop?! Erm, well…a healthy tummy would have been nice! What an absolute pain in the arse that I managed to get ill on my journey home from Peru, preventing me from fulfilling my month long wish stuffing my face when I got back.

At the Vx 5th anniversary party I did get to spend time in the company of interesting, compassionate people and watch THEM stuffing their faces. So my disappointment was eased a little.


The Vx shop in King’s Cross, London has been open for 5 years and is an entirely vegan boutique, selling sweets, fake meats and cheeses, cream cakes, clothing, shoes, snacks and loads more. I’m so lucky to live so close and products bought from them feature regularly in my posts. So going to their birthday party was something I couldn’t miss!
Upon arrival at the party, event organiser and Vx owner Rudy dished out vouchers, a Vx bag and some free popcorn. Treats were strewn around the room as well as balloons, which my animal orientated brain kept assuming, out of the corner of my eye, we’re dogs. Then a real dog turned up (with human companions) sparking cries and yelps of joy from the vegan packed cafe. It’s so nice to be in a room full of people who react the same as you when an animal enters!

The man of the moment, Rudy.

Food on offer included burritos, nachos with refried beans and toasties. I sampled the straight edge rum and coke, which was glorious! I’m doing my best to reduce my alcohol consumption to almost zero this year, and this was just perfect. I did snaffle away a chocolate madball, provided courtesy of Cookies and Scream bakery, with me to save for when I was feeling less delicate. Needless to say it was worth waiting for!


I chatted with people who had come all the from Wales and others from London who had lived all over the world. So great to get the perspective of compassionate minded people who have experienced vegan life in other countries. It was such a fun, friendly atmosphere that I managed a whole three hours before my body told me to quit being sociable and get the hell to bed. Selfishly, I just hope that no one had too much fun after I left. I hate missing out!


If you are ever in London, visiting Vx shop is a MUST! In fact, I would say it’s worth a visit to London just for the cream cakes. They have made my life infinitely better. Happy birthday guys, and here’s to at least another 5 decades of providing London with the best vegan treats and goodies. That would see me well into old age at least!


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