Get greedy for meatout day 2015!

Did you know it’s possible to care about the planet, about animals, about your health AND about your healthy appetite all at the same time? Friday March 20th is “Meatout Day” and your opportunity to show your compassion for animals and passion for life by pledging to go vegan for a day. The meatout website even shows you how many animals you can save in just one day!

Statistics on the damage that the consumption of animal products does to the planet, the unacceptable suffering it causes animals and the damage it can cause to your health are becoming more and more apparent everyday. The fantastic thing is, you can be a part of the solution to these problems without compromising your love for hearty meals, delicious deserts, scrumptious snacks and gorgeous cakes! And a plant based dies gives you the opportunity (unless you only eat cakes) to be healthier and hopefully live even longer, giving you more time to enjoy more food!

Follow this guide to a happy meatout day, and hopefully you will find inspiration for many more days to come!


If you are indulging, a full vegan breakfast IS POSSIBLE! Otherwise, keep it simple and healthy: cereal or oats with one of an array of milk alternatives (hazelnut if treating yourself, rice milk for a healthier fix). How about some toast with dairy free vegetable spread, maybe peanut butter or jam, or both!

Mid-morning snack

Most supermarkets will stock a selection of delicious fruit, nut and seed bars, many with chocolate coating or choc chips. Check out health food shops for an even bigger selection! Packed with protein, these should keep hunger pangs at bay until the next feeding session…


Sandwiches have to be the way to go! Grab yourself a pack of vegan meat or cheese slices, some eggless Mayo for a familiar filling. Why not try recreating your old favourite meaty or dairy based sandwich? Reccommended combos include Violife cheddar slices, tomato and avocado or VBites ham and mustard.

Can’t get hold of meat or cheese alternatives? Keep it simple – avocado, hummus and salad, all easily available in your local supermarket.

Afternoon treats

Do you NEED a biscuit with that afternoon tea or coffee? No need to avoid! Just some of the vegan biscuits available include hob nobs (plain and choc chip), ginger nuts, Oreos, chocolate bourbons and jammy dodgers! I know, great eh?! If you live in London and want to be really bad, you could even treat yourself to a cream cake!


Whip up a quick stir fry with rice or wheat noodles, sesame oil, garlic, spring onion and your favourite veg. For a meaty bite add some solid, flavoured tofu.2015/03/img_52381.jpg
If that doesn’t tickle your fancy how about a simple pasta with a soya cream, mushroom and garlic sauce or, my favourite super quick meal, chips, baked beans and fry’s schnitzels!

Jacket potato with beans and vegan cheese – another perfect quick dinner!

So compassionate food choices need not be fancy and you can happily fill your face without harming any furry (or scaly or feathery) friends! Visit the meatout website today and learn more about how you can make a difference with a positive, healthy and exciting way of feeding your face!


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