Vegfest Brighton: exciting new products, lovely people, a full tummy and happiness!

It’s difficult to keep the sheer excitement under control. A whole, huge building, full of cruelty free food, animal charities and positive, compassionate people. The VegFest at Brighton this year was bigger and better than ever! The queue to get in was around the block with the queues for samples at the stalls inside almost as big!

The food haul
The HUGE queue at VegFest Brigthon 2015

Alongside the fantastic companies known and loved by many vegans, such as Vegusto and Vbites, there were loads of new and exciting products to try.The great thing about such events is that every stall holder believes passionately in their goods or cause, which are a product of ethical thinking and compassionate ideas. Here is your run-down of some of the best bits of VegFest Brighton!


Dee’s sausages –  The Dee’s stall holders fired fascinating facts about the products at the customers as they sampled their fresh and tasty sausages. They are gluten and soya free, are only 50 calories each and the casing is made from rice paper. They even contain seaweed fresh from the Irish coast, giving them a unique and hearty flavour. We can’t wait to make our first meal with our selection of sausages!


Tyne Chease – At last the UK has it’s own version of the US’s Kite Hill nut cheese! If you are or were a dairy cheese lover, this “chease” will NOT disappoint! It was extremely hard to select three cheases from the range of equally delicious flavours we sampled. All were rich and have a beautiful texture. They are produced using traditional cheese making techniques and don’t use gums, thickeners or artificial flavours.

IMG_2075 IMG_2081

Ananda foods –  A fantastic company who pride themselves on bringing you products which many would not imagine being vegan. Marshmallows of many flavours for baking or toasting and, one of the most exciting things I’ve ever consumed, Vegan wagon wheels! Re-live this childhood chocolate treat and order yours online. Maybe you will agree that this tastes even better than the original! A chocolate covered marshmallow lolly was also a must.


Essential vegan – This vegan recipe website brought a range of amazingly decedent cakes. The cashew cream eclair was rich and tasty. They provide cakes for bakeries and cafes to ensure there is a range of dairy and egg free cakes in non-vegan establishments. And these are cakes that non-vegans would struggle to overlook!

Big fat vegan bakery – Making regular appearances at VegFests, the queue for massive vegan cream cakes was, understandably, humongous. But the wait if obviously worth it. These are also available from the Vx shop in King’s Cross, London. Check out this extensive review of vegan cream cakes.

A chocolate king and a cream split!


Loving Hut – This all vegan restaurant has two locations in London and restaurants in countries around the world! At the VegFest they had their yummy chicken satay sticks to sample. It’s a great example of the delights you would sample upon a visit to one of their restaurants.

If you have never been to a VegFest, it’s probably time you seriously considered looking into the next one! Held each year in London, Brighton and Bristol, it is always the perfect chance to try new vegan goodies, of which there seems to be a rapidly expanding range. Not only will you pick up bargains and discover products that you could never dream existed, you get to meet like minded people whose aim is to bring you awesome animal free products, making your compassionate lifestyle choices easier and more delicious than ever!

Enjoying some Caribbean soya Jerk wraps























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  1. Those cheeses look lovely!


  2. 86fleur says:

    Wow! The jerk wraps look incredible. Can’t wait to hear the Dees sausage review!


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