Bingeing in Bristol

For UK based vegans, you must find an excuse to visit Bristol and eat your way around this vibrant, arty, environmentally aware city. With the impressive title of the green capital of Europe, it’s no surprise that there is a good choice of vegan grub.

Evidence that vegans are alive and kicking in Bristol!

Cool street art can be found in many areas in Bristol.

An indication of the presence of Bristol’s green grass roots. Boycott Tesco!!!
Having missed the VegFest in Bristol last weekend, another good opportunity to visit presented itself in the form of the Temples Metal festival. Should I have a blog about music, I’d go into how awesome SUNN O))) were (if you like drone metal that is), but I ain’t, so I won’t!  Unfortunately, this meant there was limited time to stuff our faces but we did our best and now bring you a taste of what brilliant Bristol had to offer.

First stop Cafe Kino

IMG_7187 IMG_7174

The bright, open and welcoming non-for-profit, cooperative cafe has a good feeling as soon as you go through the door. Cafe Kino is fully vegan (aside from a choice of cows milk for drinks) with a simple but solid menu and a great range of hot and soft drinks, milkshakes, frappes and smoothies.

Delicious Club-Mate Cola and Fentiman’s soda
As a girl who finds it hard to resist a burger and it was a wholesome and satisfying choice – delicious with sides of coleslaw and chunky rosemary chips. For a little extra you can add cheese and bacon to your burger!


The beetroot cake, which I chose to have with vanilla ice cream, was lightly spiced, included sunflower seeds and felt almost healthy!


A visit to Cafe Kino is highly recommended, and not just to vegans but to anyone who enjoys their food!

Sunday roast at The Prince of Wales

Supporting vegan food served in non-vegan establishments is important. So being the dedicated and dutiful vegan that I am, I scoffed my way through the vegan roast option at the Prince of Wales pub. IMG_7231

It was a huge, flavour packed meal with a rich nut roast and lashings of luscious gravy. It absolutely proves that meat does not make the roast! Veg included carrots, parsnips and greens.


The relaxed vibe of the pub made it a very chilled Sunday afternoon face stuffing session. The only thing missing was some beds to sleep off the post roast coma! What a belly busting, fun weekend – Bristol, I love you!

Been to or live in Bristol? I’d love to hear your recommendations for places to eat and visit.



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