Cruelty free haircut! 

So I’m straying from food momentarily, but this is worth letting you guys know about. There is such a thing as a vegan haircut – and a mighty fine one at that!  The Rabbit Hole vegan hair parlour in London gives you a 100% animal free visit with products which smell good, feel good and leave your conscience clear! No animal ingredients, no animal testing!   

Thanks to my mum, I am a blondie and my recent trips in the sun have left me with some nice streaks, so just a badly needed trim was the aim. As I wanted to keep my length, I wasn’t sure how different it could look. But after Dori worked her magic with the scissors and spent time carefully blow drying my frizz, I nearly cried with joy when she  threw my new bouncy, shaped hair around my face!  

The salon has a great upbeat vibe (and a sound track much to my liking!) with a quaint Alice in Wonderland theme; teacup lighting, huge clock and ornate mirrors. Take a visit to the Rabbit Hole and be prepared to bounce out of the salon, hair lose and cruelty free! 



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