Father’s Day, the kind way

Whether your daddy is the best cuddler, cook, gardener or shoulder to cry on, you are going to want to spoil him silly this Father’s Day. Showing dad what he means to you could involve a full English breakfast in bed, giant cream cakes or being his personal tea/coffee servant for the day! 

Vegan or not, there is no reason why your dad can’t enjoy a cruelty free day of pampering. Here are my compassionate recommendations, and I sure ain’t expecting any complaints! 

Hotel Chocolat fruit and nut slab

A number of Hotel Chocolat products are suitable for vegans and they make it easy with their vegan products page. It is definitely not necessary for chocolate to be full of milk to be tasty, but vegan chocolate does not have to be dark and bitter.  

 This impressively large fruit and nut slab is sweet and rich and will last my dad a good month! (He has incredible will power) Other recommendations are the new “gin puddles” containing no alcohol(!), if you’re splashing out, a vegan selection box, or for an adventurous daddy chilli sweethearts. Oh the luxury! 

Bulldog skin care for men

Cruelty free, vegan and beautiful!    


No rabbits harmed in the making of Bulldog, or this photo (it’s cushion ain’t it!)
 I have to admit that I bought some moisturiser for my partner once and have regularly “borrowed” his bulldog products since.  

 They are fresh and herby and are available for range of skin types; original for normal skin, sensitive, protective for extreme conditions and anti-ageing. Your choice if you want to risk giving dad the anti-ageing range; You’re never too old for a clip round the ear! 

To my amazing, kind and sweet daddy and all daddies everywhere, have a love filled Fater’s Day! 


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