Baaaa-less kebab

The typical image of a lamb Doner kebab is a drunk person ramming one into their gob hole at 3am after a night out. Worse , you might see slices of meat and trodden on pita bread lying on the pavement the morning after the night before. Don’t fancy devouring a baby sheep but still want a kebab? Not problem, Vbites have it covered! 

Spotted in my local Holland and Barrett recently, the Lamb style Doner kebab slices are shaped like the cheatin’ bacon rashers, making them very quick to fry up in two minutes. 

  This product re-vamps the image of a grubby meat, making it cruelty free, quick, easy and tasty! It was so good in a warm pita with salad, hummus and grilled mild chilies. Even if you love cooking, at the end of a long day it is great to be able to spend only 15 prepping your dinner and still having a delicious result. 
Go buy some and let me know how you use them! 


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