A vegan’s meaty night out: Part II


I can’t believe that I actually thought about not going at one point, especially considering the roaring success of the last vegan artisan meat night. Turns out, it was well worth lugging my suit case half way across London on the night before my holiday! On this lovely warm evening Hackney’s Black Cat Cafe had it’s front window’s wide open and the atmosphere was friendly and summery!

IMG_4040 The menu speaks for itself – fresh organic produce was used to create tasty, clever and inventive dishes. For the full four courses the charge was £25 – naturally we had to oblige!

IMG_4019 IMG_4020

Caesar salad with “chicken” and croutons was a good start; it was light and crunchy and the chicken had a good flavour of it’s own.IMG_4022IMG_4027IMG_4024

The crab cake entree – wow! Having once liked fish and seafood (before I thought about our sea dwelling friends’ right to life) it is always enjoyable to savoir the “taste of the sea”. These crab cakes however, took the experience to another level as the texture was flaky, which was amazing with the crunchy breadcrumbs. Creamy coleslaw was the perfect accompaniment.

IMG_4031IMG_4029 IMG_4030

The BBQ buffalo wings were cleverly cooked on bamboo sticks, allowing the same eating action as with wings you may once have eaten, without it having to be removed from an animal! Particularly good if you are a new vegan looking to replace food you were used to eating, or non-veggies/vegan skeptics. The potato cakes were fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside and what vaguely healthy person in their right mind doesn’t love a big pile of green veg? IMG_4033 IMG_4035

Despite struggling to finish the main, we dug deep and tackled the beautiful dessert. Luckily, the cream, strawberries and meringue were very light and extremely easy to force down. But that surely did finish us all off. IMG_4038

It was good to say hi to the main man Javier Suarez and his accomplice Nacho Gómez (the cool guys seen in the front in pic below), who I met at the last vegan meat night. I was delighted to hear from Javier that there will be another event before the end of the year. Vegans meaty night out part three to look forward to then! I cannot wait to see what he has in store.IMG_2049

What another wonderful night at the the Black Cat Cafe, a great Friday evening and an awesome way to begin my holiday!


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