Delicious Devon: Guardhouse cafe, Berry Head

For the first in my Delicious Devon series I visited the Guardhouse cafe which is situated in the beautiful Berry Head, a nature reserve on a costal headland. The cafe sits atop the cliff and over looks part of the gorgeous South Devon coast line. The perfect setting for stuffing your face!


 The cafe is not vegetarian but they aim to cater for customers of all forms, including vegans.  

 The super vegan sausage sandwich consisted of THREE Linda MaCartney sausages in two enormous slices of fresh grainary bread. Although there was no vegan spread, the problem was soon solved with ketchup and brown sauce!   

It’s a good job I have such a big gob!

I began to wonder if It was wise to have ordered the vegan coconut and chocolate flapjack too. Course it was!  It was amazing and I would have forced that bad boy down no matter how many veggie sausages I’d just consumed! A great touch to have used chocolate in a vegan sweet treat. So many cafes don’t attempt to chocolatey treats, perhaps assuming sweet vegan chocolate isn’t available. However “milky” vegan chocolate is easy to pick up now in most “free from” supermarkets sections. The Guardhouse Cafe clearly know this secret and the flapjack was a good combo of fresh tasting coconut and sweet chocolate.


The flap jack was so tasty, my dad picked it out of all the other non vegan cake options when we went back the second time. He trusts his daughter’s good taste! If you go for the flapjack, don’t forget to order that soya latte too.

A beautiful walk after filling our faces
Berry head is worth visiting itself, especially if you like strolling along the wonderful cliff top, reading about its history and checking out the cool light house. However, the presence of the Guardhouse cafe with its vegan options make this trip an absolute must. 


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  1. theveganlily says:

    This stuff looks amazing! Glad to hear of Cafès having more and more vegan and vegetarian options😊


  2. Alex says:

    Thanks for your fantastic review! We are very pleased that you enjoyed your time at our cafe. We employed a vegan member of staff earlier this year and she helped us with some menu suggestions including the vegan sausages. We’ll try to get Vegan Spread for next time you’re here!

    We can’t take credit for the Vegan slices ourselves – we get these from a local supplier, Peck & Strong – they have lots of fabulous recipes!

    If you can think of any other vegan options we should add to the menu, please let us know, we are always looking for feedback and ideas 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of Devon! PS If you visit Totnes, try Seeds cafe – amazing vegi salads.

    Alex, The Guardhouse Cafe


    1. Thank you so much and it is so great you are open to suggestions! I’ll certainly let you have some more simple ideas and you’ll have vegans aiming to visit you! 🙂 Didn’t get to Totnes but will sure be back some time so will keep it in mind. Have a great summer!


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