Delicious Devon: Visto Lounge, Torquay 

There seems to be a rather exciting trend afoot – restaurants picking out their vegan items and slapping them on a separate, exclusively vegan menu! Visto Lounge in Torquay happens to be one of those places.  

We are not at a point yet where every food establishment had decided to go cruelty free and neither have the family and friends of many vegans. So the reality is that, if you want to live a relatively “normal” life, you will dine in non veggie establishments. But this vegan menu malarkey makes the world of difference! No scoping the menu for possibilities and double checking about hidden butter and asking to leave off the cheese. Just flipping look and order!   

As is evident, I find it hard to resist a burger. The size of the falafel burger was great for a greedy gob. In the vegan version the brioche bun is swapped for a white bread bun and I recommend chucking your mayo-less coleslaw right in there. 

 The chips were good’uns and presented beautifully in a red pot (I’m easily impressed!). Add French mustard and ketchup and away you go!

 I knew I didn’t need to, but with an option of trying a vegan sweet, I had to go for it. Fruity flapjack sounded nice, but chocolate and ginger tart sounded better! It was rich and firey and I was right, I didn’t need it!  

As a chain (you can find different “Lounges” across the UK), it meant that the food was not necessarily prepared fresh from scratch. For example the staff had to check if the tart would be defrosted from when they had taken it from the freezer. However, this is as expected from a larger restaurant chain and we enjoyed the food which was good quality and most certainly made a marvellous lunch. I would definitely look up other lounges when travelling in the UK as it means a guaranteed (2 or 3 course) vegan meal. 

     Unfortunately the Torquay weather didn’t really allow me to walk off my gargantuan feast as we were sprayed with a constant misty rain. But my spirits were kept up by my full tummy…for the remainder of the day!! 


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