Delicious Devon: Courtyard Cafe, Dartmoor

Dartmoor, Dartmoor, beautiful Dartmoor. But where to begin exploring among this rolling  wild landscape dotted with sweet little villages and beauty spots? Well, the one veggie cafe of course! Setting the satnav for The Courtyard Cafe, we arrived in the lovely village of Chagford in time for a spot of lunch.

 The cafe and wholefoods store is neatly decorated with wild flower bouquets on the few inside tables and intimate coffee tables provide a sweet spot in the sun out in the flower bedecked courtyard.

On the day we visited, the menu consist of a choice of pies or bahjis with salad, a mixed platter or soup. Dishes were served with a mix of their fresh salad which included a quinoa salad, beetroot and green leaf and herb salad with some coleslaw. Edible flowers in the salads and broccoli making an appearance in coleslaw were novel to me and made the dishes exciting! (I had to hold back a little excitement tear, I didn’t want to show the family up!)


To ensure no one missed out, me and the better half shared half each of the mushroom pie and the Hungarian goulash pie. Wholewheat pastry makes them wholesome and healthy as opposed to white pastry that I find stays in the old tum a bit longer. Great to have vegetable pies which have a chunksome filling. All the bite without the oink/moo/cluck!


The dishes my parents chose looked equally as wholesome and flavour bursting with mum going for the spinach and onion bahjis and dad opting for the platter to make sure he got a little bit of almost everything on offer.Aside from the glorious food, the Courtyard Cafe has a whole wall of health food items, allowing you to browse as you scoff! This is incredibly helpful if you are like me and panic when faced with a huge selection of fancy foods that you have never tried and want to buy.  I could relax as check out everything from seeds to tofu to spreads!

Once the munching had concluded, the staff were very helpful in directing is to a nearby beauty spot where we enjoyed the gorgeous natural moorlands complete with a mega old bridge over a clear rocky stream, woodlands and wild flowers.


I was even brave enough to dip my little tootsies in the river! It was chuffing cold, but luckily I had all that food warming up my tummy.  

So if you are going to Dartmoor for a day of striding through the wilderness, let the healthy and delicious Courtyard Cafe be the fuel for your adventures.


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  1. I love Dartmoor, it is such a beautiful place. Thank you for recommending this lovely place. Chagford is one of my favourite places in Dartmoor and I’ll certainly be trying out The Courtyard Cafe when I’m next down there although unfortunately it won’t be until next year 😦


    1. Oh same here. I’d go back this weekend if I could! It’s definitely worth a visit 🙂


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