Delicious Devon: Russinas Tapas Bar

Tapas can be a great restaurant choice for offering dishes that don’t involve harming your animal buddies. Being able to pick lots of little plates of food, it’s likely to include potatoes, salad, veg and maybe even some paella! 

 The smart and clean Russinas Tapas bar in Paignton looked to be such a good choice. Having scanned the menu, I prepared to launch my questions at the nice chap taking the order: “We are vegan so I just have a couple of questions…” I was cheerily interrupted, “Ah, you’re vegan. Let me grab the vegan menu!” Yahoo! So off we went, merrily ordering our feast. 


 A delicious classic salad with a thick and rich balsamic vinegar was a great starter, obviously with mounds of olives. 

 The veg paella was very tasty and just the right portion size for one each. Along with a lovely roast vegetable dish, which I’m happy to say included potato, a very satisfying mound of munch was provided! All very well seasoned and cooked to perfection. 


 Admittedly there was no protein available among the vegan friendly dishes, but a) I was on my hols so not many meals were rounded and balanced and b) I reckon one meal minus protein won’t leave me weak and helpless. Indeed we had plenty of energy for a soggy wander to Paignton Pier and around the arcades where we wasted our money trying to win soft toys we didn’t want!    

We were way to stuffed for desert which is lucky as (despite the brownie on the vegan menu?) there weren’t any desert options. I did however chat with them and they were interested in how vegans could be catered for in terms of a sweet. The fact that restaurants are open to hearing how they can feed those choosing to live a cruelty free lifestyle should definitely be encouraged. It’s always worth asking to speak to the manager about how easy this could be. After all, non vegans can eat sorbet too! And with more and more vegan diners turning up in non veg establishments, it makes business sense to restaurants and spreads the compassionate lifestyle into the mainstream. For the animals, this is what we need! 


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