Vegan BBQ time! 

It would seem that summer has passed in the UK, but hopfully some of you guys living in more sunny climates can take a tip or two from a greedy girl who loves to feast on smokey BBQ grub!

For vegan BBQ skeptics, I wasn’t born vegan and spent the first 25 years of my life eating animals and their products. We watched an old family home video on the day of our cruelty free grillfest which showed us cooking sausages and chicken legs and wings.  Now, the thought of animals having bits detached so I can cremate them and have 15 minutes of gorging feels absurd! No ta! Animal limbs and body parts are far more beautiful when they are attached to the owner and provide far more pleasure for their life time than I would ever have got from one forgotten meal. Plus vegan BBQs are so much quicker and healthier, meaning you can eat more, sooner! How is that a loosing situation, for anyone?

Daddy workin’ that cruelty free grill!
For the two hours of sun this particular summer evening provided, we fitted in some serious grillin’!

Marinated solid tofu can be smoked to within an inch of its life. Leave your preferred tofu type in a marinade – try oil, soy sauce and a selection of your favourite herbs – over night, or at the least for a few hours. The smaller the tofu is cut and the longer it’s soaked, the more flavour you’ll get. We skewered ours on soaked bamboo sticks (it stops them setting on fire!) with red onion, peppers, courgette and mushroom. Keep them over the barbie until they are golden and crispy on the outside.  ARRRRRGH! So good!


For a good bite, go for some tofurkey sausages. In the UK these have become available in Holland and Barrett and are often stocked independent health food shops. They also have a range of flavours to choose from – we had Italian ones with tomato. The company is U.S. based so I’m hoping you guys are well supplied! Obviously, along with sausages, any good BBQ needs burgers. The most “meaty” and impressive ready made burger for me is the Vbites quarter pounder. The do not take long to cook on the BBQ becuase they essentially need warming up, and make sure you give them an oil first too. Go for the full whack with some vegan cheeses slices, fried onion, salad and ketchup. It’s a meal in itself if you’re not a complete greedy wotsit!


My mum, having recently got into polenta, also prepared some slices to grill and crisp up, along with wedges and, just to make us all feel better about the protein and carb overload, some token salad. We also finished off with some banana and walnut cake, albeit a few hours later!

IMG_7626IMG_7617  My dad, having always been health conscious, commented how this meal was quick and protein packed with far less fat than we would have had at our meat gorging sessions years ago.  By far, this was not a raw, whole food, full on healthy meal, but compared to the average Sunday afternoon barbie, it was not only better for us, but better for the animals. And as a family of animal lovers, this makes our full tummies all the more satisfying! 


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