A year in the life of a greedy vegan

Well, don’t time fly when you are stuffing your gob? This month is my one year blogiversary, so what better way to celebrate than perving over the pictures of delicious animal friendly food I’ve been going on about?
Scanning back through photos, it smacked me in the face just how easy it is to eat amazing vegan food. It also reminded me of the reason I started my blog; to show that you don’t need to cause our fellow animals any suffering to enjoy your food. And, as someone who has been known to shed a tear of joy at fantastic grub, I really enjoy my food!
When contemplating veganism it might feel as though you’ll miss out on favourite munch. But I can absolutely say that it’s an adventure and pleasure when you rediscover a cruelty free version of dishes and snacks which would have previously impacted on the lives of animals. It’s a light bulb moment when you switch to veganism; your preference for a “real” burger or cheese is not important when you connect to the absolute FACT that the cow had to lose her life for that burger, or loose her baby for that cheese. The taste of their flesh or milk cannot be more important than their desire to be alive and experience the most basic of emotions like love, comfort and freedom from pain; physical and emotional. It’s about making the connection between your food and those beings you are directly affecting. And every decision makes a difference.  Your desire for the foods you once ate just dissolves into insignificance once you decide to honestly face this reality.
BUT, as these lip-smackingly delicious picture show, there is no missing out. Versions of cream cakes, eggs, fish, meats
and loads of other amazing animal free foods are out there! As are some great restaurants who are increasingly catering for their compassionate customers. So please, feast your eyes on a choice selection of amazing foods that I have had the pleasure of devouring in the last year. I cannot think of a better way of showing what a great honour it is to save animals whilst being a big gobbed greedy git!


Black forest gateaux. Check out the recipe!


Vegan cream cakes – yes they exist! 


Luxury bacon and egg sandwich on Christmas morning. Check out how to replace those eggs and save some baby boy chicks!

Pea and "ham" soup

Super soup – Pea and ham in this case. Learn how to make soup out of anything with my soup basics

Potatoes in Peru – I showed how to survive as a vegan even when travelling a long way from home. The main tip…be prepared!
IMG_2043 IMG_4019
The incredible food at the amazing Black Cat Cafe. I was lucky enough to have visited two special events in the last year; the artisan vegan meat night and the return of the artisan vegan meat night. Oh joy!
Vegan cheesecake ahoy! Strawberry with jelly on top. Check out the recipe!
Amazing food in Bristol and I just had to tell you guys about it.
Another incredibly simple recipe – walnut and banana cake.
On my holiday to Devon I devoured some delicious food!
This is how we vegan BBQ!
Fisherman's pie - without the hooks or nets! Baked with herbs on a tomato and bean bed with cous cous
It’s fish – minus the hooks and nets!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Happy Blogiversary! What a beautiful collection of pictures you have! 😀


  2. Polly says:

    Lovely! I am transitioning from being veggie for most of my life, and dealing with questions from my 8 year old who is asking about animals / animal products and eating them, their lives etc. I don’t get too graphic with him (he gets upset at the idea of burning a guy on the bonfire, and he doesn’t like pinatas) but if I can cook him some of these gorgeous things, I can encourage him that way.


    1. Thanks Polly! It must be a bit of a tough balance with kids, but I guess you can be truthful without being graphic. A fine line though I guess? Hopefully all you need is delicious food to show him that you can live a compassionate life and not contribute to the harm of animals. That’s my main approach anyway! Lovely that you have such a sensitive and compassionate child☺️ let me know if there is anything else which you think would interest/help transitioning vegans.


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