A cruelty free cuppa

You may wonder how tea, minus animal boob juice of course, could not be cruelty free.  I have been the victim of assuming the same thing when I bought caramel flavoured tea which contained butter. 

So it is with great pleasure that I can tell you the whole range of English Tea Shop teas are vegan! 

  Having gratefully received the Christmas Collection tea set last Christmas I was intrigued, but wary, to see “honey flavours” and “Irish cream flavours” listed in ingredients. English Tea Shop assure me that “Our blends do not include any ingredients sourced from non-vegan sources (meat, dairy, eggs, fish or any other animal origin).” This includes their “silken” tea bags which are completely free of worm bums! 

In which case, if you know a tea lover, or you want to treat yourself their interesting and inventive flavour combos they are definitely worth a try. 

 In particular I’d reccommend the fresh but deep Rooibos Candy Cane, sweet and delightful Chocolate, Cherry and Coconut and the creamy Irish Holiday blends. Head to their Facebook for the last days of their Christmas countdown giveaways too!

Many of the gift sets come in cute little tins so you will definitely impress the tea lover in your life…or maybe your cat, rat or other furry companion will think that you deserve a delicious tea selection and manage to get their little furry paws to a laptop? Well, that’s what you can tell everyone anyway! 

IMG_4006Hap-tea Christmas! 


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