You are a good person – it’s time to let the animals know! 

Of all the New Years resolutions you have made, why not make 2016 the year you make a real difference to the lives of others? Whether you have dabbled in, seriously considered or even had a fleeting thought about veganism, this January you have a chance to give it a try – what the hell is the absolute worst that could happen?!


photo 4

IMG_4035The awesome Veganuary gives you support, advice, facts and recipes (including some from a certain greedy wotsit!) to guide you through a cruelty free January and possibly beyond! You may well know many of the facts about how animals are used, not just for meat but also dairy, eggs and production of other goods like leather and wool. If you don’t know, here it is in a nutshell…it ain’t pretty. Omelette sandwich


It is my absolute belief that the majority of people, including those who shovel animal products into their gobs on a daily basis, are not bad people and do not, deep down, wish cruelty on animals. Nor would they agree, if they REALLY sat and considered the trade off, that an animal should be born, raised and treated as a product to be killed for the sake of a chicken curry/leather shoes/a woolly jumper/a bit of cheese (insert any other of a number of animal products humans consume). Especially when there are literally hundreds of thousands of options for food, clothing and other products which completely leave our non human buddies out of the equation. What is actually the excuse for using them, other than want?

And how about this idea…instead of looking at veganism as a negative (what will I miss, what can’t I have) flip that shit around and think about all the new foods you will discover, all the animals you will save and all the kindness and compassion you will spread, just by simply living! Look at it as an opportunity to match your compassion with your actions, your emotions with your shopping basket and your kindness with your tummy!


IMG_4083.PNGIf you just have a look at the last year in the life of a greedy vegan, you will see that the joy has not been removed from my life. In fact I have never been happier and, as the best ever vegan phrase goes…

The only thing you will regret about being vegan is that you didn’t do it sooner


IMG_0068Please, visit Veganuary today and make your pledge to try vegan this January!


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