Re-wrapped: Party pigless rolls!

Back by popular demand, I’m reposting my pigless roll recipe as this perfect pig friendly recipe is great for the party season!

This year I have also discovered a new twist if you fancy something a bit different – instead of sausage mix, try a fancy stuffing mix! I mean, where would you rather put your stuffing? Up a dead animal’s bum (and vegans are accused of being weird!), or inside some tasty pastry?!  

Dried stuffing mixes are often vegan friendly – keep an eye out for milk and the occasional one with honey in – and there are now a whole range of interesting variations. In Sainsbury’s I found chestnut and hazelnut flavour and roasted garlic herb stuffing. They are usually near the meat counter however, so you might have to shut your eyes and feel your way to the stuffing shelves!
Just make as suggested on the packet and use as the sausage mix below! If you want to be really posh, spoon some cranberry sauce onto the pastry too, before closing it up. You’ll find that they disappear pretty quick and not a single partygoer will be saying “oh, why didn’t you make these out of real pigs? I REALLY REALLY miss real pig in this sausage roll!” It won’t happen, they will just eat them…ALL.

All you need is a packet of dried sausage mix and a packet of puff pastry. I use Granose sausage mix (or stuffing) and Jus-Roll puff pastry.

You can get ready rolled or a block which you roll out yourself. I treated myself to a ready rolled pack as time is so short at Christmas! You can make your own pastry and this would make you a better person than me.


1. Roll out or take out the pastry and slice into sections. Cut into long strips of around 10cm in width

2. Make up the sausage mix as per the packet and place spoonfuls on the mix in a line, just off centre, on each strip of pastry. Don’t over fill, as you’ll have trouble closing up the pastry.

3. Fold the pastry over the top of the sausage mix, pressing shut the two edges with a fork. You can prick the pastry in top for some decoration too if you fancy

4. Cut into around 8cm individual bites. It doesn’t have to be precise but just make sure they aren’t too small as you’ll end up with sausage bullets!

5. Cook on a baking tray for around 25 mins, or until golden brown. Make sure you give each one a little room as they don’t cook through and rise properly if they are squashed together. They are most delicious eaten warm.

If you know you are going to a party and don’t know if there will be anything for you to eat – whip up a platter of these lovelies, plant them among the buffet, and I bet everyone will be shovelling them in their mouth they won’t even know they are vegan!


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