Greedy Christmas Wishes! 

Sending everyone big greedy compassionate best wishes on Christmas Day! Whether you are having full on vegan celebrations, sharing your day with non vegans, or on the path to compassionate living, be proud to spread a compassionate message, especially on a day which is a celebration of peace. Peace for everyone, including our furry, scaly and feathered friends.

And how do you spread joy this festive season? Forget your Santa hats and reindeer antlers, I received this perfect vegan gift which gave everyone a grin and I won’t be removing it until I am forced! Just call me sprout bonce! 

So here is my Christmas food run down, from last year as I’m basically shovelling in the same thing in my gob this Christmas. It just shows how choosing a cruelty free Christmas does not mean missing out and in fact leaves you full of happiness and joy…and food! 

For many people, Christmas is all about food, drink, treats and fun! And it doesn’t need to be any different if you are doing it cruelty free. Here is a blow-by-blow account of an amazing vegan Christmas day. So get on your elasticated trousers because you are going to feel full to the brim just looking at it.


A naughty breakfast kicks off the day, after opening Santa sacks of course! Delicious Vbites Cheating Rasher sandwich which nan didn’t even realise was veggie! Awesome with vegan omelette and tomato ketchup for the ultimate indulgent breakfast. We washed it all down with a glass of bucks fizz – using Lambrini sparkly wine and orange juice.

The cooking started with a little help from our bubbly friend!


Nanny couldn’t wait to get some bubbly down her gob!IMG_0039Lanson is vegan friendly!

Christmas Dinner

Starters was a simple twist on the traditional prawn cocktail. I replaced the prawns with avocado and made a Marie Rose sauce with eggless mayo, tomato sauce and a squirt of lemon juice. It was seasoned to taste and served on top of lettuce and top with tomatoes. AMAZING!


For mains I bagged myself a full roast dinner with all the veg trimmings and a Vbites turkey roast. Head chef, aka mum, made me my very own yorkshire pudding from 100g self raising flour, a tablespoon of oil and enough soya milk to make it into a batter. The other delicious chaps to join my plate were tender stem broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, roast parsnips, roast shallots, stuffing balls and roast potatoes (no goose fat in this house!) all covered in lashings of vegan friendly gravy. I can’t resist mint sauce, English mustard and coarse grain mustard. I’m a condiment beast 

We thought we might struggle to fit in a dessert but after a nap and a cup of tea, we all attempted it. We were brave and managed to shovel down Christmas pudding (shop bought) and custard made with soya milk. Delicious. Later in the afternoon I also squeezed in a few chocolates

Evening tea

Tea couldn’t happen until about 10pm because of the epic amount of food already consumed, but it was worth waiting for room in our tummies to clear. Having done enough cooking for the day, we went for the easy option of a ready made “party pack”, from Vbites, who pretty much sponsored my Christmas. This included samosas, spring rolls, mini quiche and pizza and sausage and cranberry rolls.

There was MORE cake…mince pies home made by mum and my (almost) world famous Black Forest Gateau. I have a feeling these will take a few more days to polish off. Phew!
Stages of the Black Forest Gateau construction!
IMG_0076Mum’s mince pies

So my friends, THAT is how you have a compassionate Christmas. It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it! 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant Chrissie. There’s having a Christmas dinner, then there’s a Vegan Christmas dinner. Next level stuff 🙂


    1. I certainly outdo myself on Christmas Day, even for a greedy gob! :-0


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