Kick those excuses to the kerb – A vegan’s guide to silly questions

So, you’ve smashed through the myths about veganism, you no longer miss cheese, you realise how great veggie burgers and sausages are and you cannot believe that you didn’t go vegan
sooner. Really, becoming vegan is the easiest thing.IMG_7177

The unexpected hurdle may be the questions; genuine questions, questions asked to wind you up and down right silly questions. Answering the sudden onslaught of queries about the amazing decision you have made to remove yourself from the cycle of animal exploitation can seem unfair, frustrating and at times may be demoralising. Overtime, however, you start to hear the same questions, jibes and comments over and over and the armoury of simple and informative responses you have equip yourself with will come sliding out of your mouth like perfectly rehearsed prose.

You will also master the art of distinguishing those who are taking a genuine interest in your cruelty free lifestyle and those who are winding you up for their own entertainment. This makes it a breeze to decide who you might be able to educate with some facts about animal use and to who you can give a sweet smile and proceed to ignore! Because you know why you are doing this…FOR THE ANIMALS!!

IMG_3566-2But the best thing you can do is revise! It sounds boring, but there is a fun, humorous and quick way to check out and become familiar with all of the arguments and excuses that vegans can face, especially online.

Enter vegan sidekick! This amazing resource gives you a huge catalogue of funny, clever and short comic strips which illustrate situations vegans find themselves in when being questioned and when attempting to explain their decisions and point out hypocrisy.  Particularly good for online responses, vegan sidekick started creating these comic strips, as another form of activism for those who may turn away at the sight of graphic images, feeling that his “images might reach those people, with simple ideas, expressed in humourous ways which should challenge them.” Aside from an amazing index of 65 questions you can also browse the images by subject.

Especially good for when people are aggressively questioning you without really listening to your response are themed medals which you can reward your online trolls with.Visit him on Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter and Instagram to scope out daily helpings!

For now, here are some of my favourite vegan sidekick cartoons:




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