Sushi sans scales – Vegan sushi snack guide

Do you enjoy the taste of the sea but don’t want to cause our beautiful fishy and other sea friends harm? Have no fear! Your cruelty free sushi guide is here! You can have all the tasty goodness of vitamins and minerals from the sea without resorting to chomping on crudely fished, farmed and diseased, antibiotic ridden seafood.  You’ll also avoid contributing to industries which kill animals acknowledged to be sentient, feel pain and experience emotions. And these poor little guys are killed in their billions. For more astounding facts, check out this great documentary on all the impacts of sea life consumption.

With all this in mind, vegan sushi and Japanese food is an amazing option for the animals and your own health. Perfect if you are looking to grab a healthy snack or lunch which is not going to be (too) messy. Considering that ‘sushi’ simply means vinegared rice, and NOT raw fish, this means that it’s a naturally vegan dish!

Here are some high street shops and chains where you can pick up some great cruelty free taste of the sea!squid-225423_1280


With fresh and inviting shops, Abokado has a chain of over twenty places dotted around London. Perfect for a takeaway lunch, you can get a selection of sea animal free grub. Vegan suitable dishes are clearly marked on the shelves with the code ‘Ve’, so no need to spend forever reading the labels.

The “Goddess Goodness”vegetable sushi roll tray includes pickled ginger, edamame beans, a pot of soya sauce and a sachet of wasabi for a good old kick! Mixing the wasabi in with the soya sauce and drowning your sushi rolls in the mixture before shovelling them in will set your lunch time on fire – in a good way!

 Another delicious main is the veggie rice which is topped with goyoza dumplings that are stuffed with delicious tofu and veg and all drizzled with sweet and sour dressing. The miso and veggie soup with glass noodles are also cruelty free!

You can also pick up snacks such as the veg Shwrap – basically a giant sushi roll – a seaweed salad pot which is small but rich, and a pot of edamame beans. The healthy food from Avocado leaves you feeling satisfied without feeling like you’ve over indulged.


Possibly a little less healthy but nonetheless delicious and convenient, Wasabi is found in a number of super helpful places like train stations and high streets all over London. This place gives you the chance to grab a hot dish of yakosoba tofu noodles, or sweet and spicy sticky tofu with rice. Noodles are a dry dish with some veg and tofu which will leave you full. The sticky tofu is mega rich and quite spicy, so depending on you level of greed, it might be a good dish to share, as portion sizes are generous!

Snacks on offer include sushi rolls; some with veg, some with seaweed and a big triangular rice wrap.


Yo! Sushi

Maybe you want to sit down for a quick bite to eat? The well established YO! Sushi gives you a chance to eat in but some takeaway dishes are available. This restaurant is found all over the country and indeed the world.

For those who have never seen a YO! Sushi bar, tables are set up around a huge rotating conveyor belt in the middle of which are the chefs. Freshly prepared sushi dishes go wizzing past you with the idea that you scope out the food you want and whip it off the belt as it passes. Dishes are priced by the colour of the serving plate (ranging from £2 to £6) and any dishes from the menu can be requested if they are not on the belt. Fun as this is, the safest option for vegans, if you are worried about accidentally scooping up a fishy dish, is to request your food directly from the waiters.

For the good part – if you ask for the allergy menu and skip to the back, you’ll find the vegan suitable options! This includes rice, noodles, dumplings, sushi rolls and their bottomless miso soup; free refills as standard. Its a fun way to dine and luckily the vegetable based options are some of the cheapest, which is lucky as ordering those little dishes can quickly get out of hand!


Yummy yummy yummy, taste of the sea in your tummy!


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