Chocolate for your vegan Valentine

Nothing says “I love you” or “I like the look of you” more than compassionately chosen chocolate. Possible better still if you don’t have to share with someone; what a great chance to appreciate how awesome you are for living a cruelty free lifestyle!

Either way, here is your guide to picking up Valentine’s chocolates which will not only give immense pleasure, but will cause animals no harm. Everyone’s a winner! 

Celtic caramel choices 

Taking a chance on someone and don’t want to waste loads of money if you get rejected? Damn right! Luckily, you don’t need to compromise with these completely delicious individually wrapped choccies. They are available in the “free from” section in Sainsburys for around £2.50. Very sweet with a smooth caramel centre, if you don’t win your Valentine’s heart with these, consider asking for them back. 

Raspberry ruffle

  Some mega cheap accidentally vegan treats that you can pick up in Poundland. You guessed it – for just one pound! They may not be complete luxury but for a quid you will satisfy a sweet tooth with a coconutty raspberry centre and a chocolate coating. And they are pink inside, so they are the right colour for romance innit! 

Hotel Chocolat

If you hope to impress someone with posh chocolates or if you are a bit of a chocolate connoisseur, the decadent vegan suitable range won’t disappoint. Hazelnut pralines, slabs of fruit and nut, chocolate covered orange and ginger and even cocoa gin! Because of the dark and rich, but also sweet in some cases, flavour you can eat just a little bit to make this slightly more pricey gift last. Well, in theory anyway!


  This especially vegan chocolate range is also gluten and nut free. The usual flavours, such as coffee, mint and milk alternative are available in Holland and Barrett. Check out their online deals for Valentine’s specials!

Moo free chocolate 

The sweet little “mini moos” chocolate bars are often available in Holland and Barrett and in some Sainsbury’s stores. The bunny comb is really sweet, the minty moo refreshing and the cheeky orange just tastes like a Terry’s chocolate orange! All have a really nice crunchy topping making them satisfying to crunch through. Plain milk chocolate is also available if you are buying for someone and don’t want to risk getting the flavour wrong.

Divine chocolate bars 
Fair trade chocolate which you can find in many Oxfam shops. Not all are vegan but most of the dark, 70% and above, bars are and they include exciting blends of flavour such as mango and coconut bars and ginger and orange bars. The one with dried raspberry has a nice little tang to it and again, ideal for a Valentine’s gift. 

So if you are hoping for some Valentine’s chocolates, why not drop a massive hint and share this with someone who should be buying them for you! 


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