Mildreds Camden

IMG_4797The Soho branch of Mildreds has always been an amazing go-to restaurant for a sure fire delicious and wholesome meal. With a constantly packed little waiting area everytime I’ve been, it’s obvious that this vegetarian restaurant is popular with carnivores and veggies alike. Vegan dishes and vegan options are a plenty, so the news of a new branch in Camden induced a whoopie from me!IMG_4798 Set in a high roof, glass fronted room, the Camden branch has a more roomy and breezy atmosphere than the cosy Soho branch. They offer a wide range of interesting soft drink flavours as well as cocktails and exciting new menu items to get all flustered over. Portion sizes are good too! To start we had an utter old favourtie, goyoza dumplings, and a tried something new, the deliciously flavoured dal with the most incredible roti I’ve ever had the honour of stuffing into my fat gob hole. I kid you not, it was one of those dishes which nearly caused me to shed a tear. Totes emosh.The goyoza dumplings were as incredible as ever; crispy outside, soft inside with the beautiful sweet chilli dipping sauce.IMG_4805As complete and utter burger beast, I usually find it difficult to pick any other dish. So when vegan cheese is available with it, the rest of the menu may as well not exist. And not a shred of dissapointment remained that I didn’t pick anything else. A beetroot and white bean patti with a hell load of other flavours was wrapped in a gorgeous focaccia bun. IMG_4806Big fat chips come with a pot of the good old basil mayo for dipping. The single bad thing about this was visit was the lack of room for dessert! So make sure you visit with a very stretchy tummy, becuase you will want to fit three courses in! A trip to this restaurant is highly recommended, but news of a third restaurant now open in King’s Cross is also very exciting if this visit was anything to go by. My tummy tells me that Mildred’s made a great business decision by expanding and spreading the love of their deliciously prepared vegan dishes, fit for vegans and non-vegans alike. IMG_4807


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