Feel good cafe: Chingford

It’s one of those places that just warms your heart. A little gem nestled inside the Village Arcade on Station Road in Chingford, East London, which serves food truly prepared with love. Feel Good Cafe is a place to visit if you love organic, healthy and seriously delicious grub. Their idea is to give you food that tastes good and leaves you feeling good, by cooking and serving natural whole food ingredients.

They serve sandwiches made from freshly baked sourdough breads, delicious salads, coffees and cakes; all made from natural ingredients without preservatives. They also offer a choice of coconut, oat and almond milk.

Seeking some healing, nutritious half marathon recovery food, I was very happy with a flavourful leek and potato soup. If you want to take the side order of homemade bread up a notch, go for a vegan cheese and tomato toastie.

You may be intrigued by interesting hot drinks such as “golden mylk”, an earthy concoction of oat milk with turmeric and black pepper. Give yourself a chance to get used to the earthy, peppery taste and you’ll find yourself really enjoying it’s warming, healing qualities.

 Other vegan offerings on this occasion were the burger – a tofu pattie, also served in the delicious spelt bread, with vegan cheese, onions, mayo salad and gurkin. Flling and fresh!

 It’s not just the good people of Chingford which the the feel good cafe is serving. At the request of local teachers, they have started to visit local schools to teach children about the benefits of a plant based diet! This kind of community spirit and local activism, using delicious cruelty free food to show the younger generation how to live a compassionate and healthy lifestyle makes the Feel Good Cafe an inspirational and  very worthy of support. And by support I mean visit and eat!


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  1. sharyn khan says:

    Being a vegan myself i am super happy that the feel good cafe has openedin chingford my old home town I live in Ilford and there is nothing like it round our way so a trip to chingford is a must especially after walking round epping forest.
    their food and exceptional staff are awesome.


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