Quick tip: Spice up your soup!

Obviously you COULD make your own soup. Starting from scratch means you can have the exact flavour you fancy or that you can use up that bunch of veg that you don’t know what else to do with. But no one ALWAYS had the time for farting around in the kitchen. And although vegan tinned soup options are available, there is an easy way to create new flavours without starting from scratch.

So…let’s cheat! 

Here are some ways you can add a little something extra to your shop bought soup to make more of a hearty meal.  

Cream up your tomato soup 

Make your tomato soup ‘creamy’ with a simple nutritional addition.  

 Soak a handful of cashews for a few hours or overnight (the more soaking, the creamier and smoother they’ll be). 

  Drain and blend before stirring into tomato soup as you heat it through. 


 This trick also adds a nice extra splash of vitamins and minerals to your din dins! 

Splash of spice in your lentil soup

Turn a tin of Heinz lentil soup into a tasty dahl in seconds. 

Just add around a teaspoon of curry powder of your preferred hotness to a tin of soup as it warms through. Serve with a blob of mango chutney and a sprig of coriander! Eat with pitta for an extra Indian twist.   

Transform veg soup into Moroccan stew 

Veg soup can be a bit meh. So turn in into a speedy stew by throwing in half a tin of kidney beans and half a tin of chickpeas (a whole tin of each for two people)

  Give it a hint of Morrocan cooking by adding a grated garlic clove, 1-1 1/2 teaspoons of ginger and 1/2 –  1 teaspoon cumin and cinnamon. The amount depends on how spicey you like it! 

 Top with a sprig of mint or basil and some harrissa or even chilli jam away you go!  



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