Getting cheesy at Zizzi

For yet another restaurant, the penny drops; providing cruelty free dishes is a good business decision. As vegan’s don’t tend to just wander around like empty tummied zombies, but often have (would you beleive it) non-vegan friends who (would you beleive it again) want their vegan friends to be able to eat when meeting up for dinner, places like Zizzi are the obvious choice. It also provides an opportunity to show your lovely non-vegan buddies that completely delicious vegan food is available in mainstream restaurants.

Making life easier, Zizzi have separated the Vegan options which is found in the allergy menu – you just have to ask for it.

Starters of garlic bread or bruschetta let you indulge in classic Italian nibbles. The bruschetta was packed with flavour, garlicky and topped with delicious tomatoes on crunchy bread.

But obviously, aside from getting to meet my beautiful friend, this evening was all about the cheese pizza. Pizza Express vegan pizza is good and the cheese isn’t really missed, but for an extra bit of indulgence, this shit was goooood. Hats off to Zizzi for using Mozzarisella, an organic rice milk based mozzarella, for a margarita pizza to which you can add toppings of your choice. The caramelised balsamic onions are powerful, sitting well with the creamy cheese. Field mushrooms and spinach were a lush little addition to the flavour powerhouse of cheese and onions. Other available toppings included butternut squash, fire roast peppers, artichoke and more. 80p extra per topping and a gluten free version of the base is also availale.

For a sweet end to your meal, a range of 3 gelato scoops are available – strawberry, lemon and mango and coconut which was particularly delicious – and the choice of prosecco and passion fruit coulis or caramelised pecans do add a little something to this usual vegan desert. Surely animal free cake and tart deserts are the next evolutionary step for progressive businesses like this!

Another great touch is the part of the menu alerting you to the vegan wines; all but a few in fact!

Although the menu is not extensive (if you want a massive choice of vegan Italian food, check out Fed By Water in East London which just ditched the meat and went veggie), but it is a great start. It’s just another step toards a world where you can go for some grub with your human friends and not have to fret about getting food that causes no harm to our animal friends. And bleeding delicuous grub it is too!



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  1. sharyn khan says:

    Hi Chrissie
    One day I will be able to walk into a cafe or restaurant and see a fantastic vegan menu at the moment you are lucky to get chips or tomato and basil soup if you live where I do.
    I actually wish there were more Vegan or at a push vegetarian places to eat I would sooner give my money to people that care instead of meat and dairy eaters.


    1. Hi Sharyn. What a shame – I know it can be more difficult in some places and I am lucky to live in London where choices for vegans are everywhere. It’s good to write to places and let them know that you would like vegan options, as businesses generally cater to the demand of their customers and you can make a real difference by letting them know your requirements! I also love to be able to support entirely vegan places, but until there are more of them, I reckon supporting vegan options in non veggie establishments is a pretty good start! 🙂


  2. sharyn khan says:

    Hi Chrissie
    I too live in greater london , but the actual area I live there are hardly anything apart from chicken takeaways and fast food places that I would never use.
    I guess the only vegetarian one is Ambala at least I can eat the Samosas and pokoras.
    other than that I guess its eating at home.
    Was that Italian place you visited in South Woodford?


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