Supper with Club Mexicana

Club Mexicana took my pulled jack fruit virginity and it left me hoping to taste more of their delights! So I was mega happy when I found out they were doing a supper club at the beautiful Hornbeam cafe, my local veggie place. I just knew we were in for something special.

The five course delight for £25 exceed my expectations based on my Club Mexicana jackfruit burrito experience. 

Jalapeño & cashew cheese poppers

A spicy challenge to start with. But the gorgeous dripping melted cheese in the middle of the crunch breadcrumbed chilli balanced the heat out perfectly. 

Sopa de tortilla

Rich tomato soup in which crumbled tortilla chips were swimming around. How did those little bad boys keep their bite once drowned in deliciousness? I have no clue, but by god it worked along with the drizzled creamy topping. 

To-fish tacos

YES and double YES. Having tasted the delights of the Coach and Horses veggie pub tofush and chips, it’s nice to have a comparison. The fish fingers were crunchy and packed with taste of the sea, minus the harm to our fishy friends, and the lovely salad gave those fried little buggers a refreshing kick. Really hard not to shove this into your gob wholesale…but that’s no way to savour the flavour! 

Open chorizo empanada

With the mustardy topping and spiced chorizo flavour, this dish was a bit like a hot dog with pastry instead of a bread roll, i.e. amazing! Beautifully sweet corn and a fresh salad lightened the dish up. And edible flowers! Who doesn’t like an edible flower? Makes me feel like a proper animal! 

Margarita key lime pie 

All the creaminess without the cow boobs. Fluffy and light topping on a crunchy crumbly biscuit base, with a nice ping of lime left lingering in your mouth. 

Check out the Club Mexicana facebook and website for more pop ups, or take some friends to visit them at a street food market. Their grub is worth making the effort for and a great way to show mates how delicious animal free food can be!  The only downside? You’ll be sad when you’ve finished eating. 


One Comment Add yours

  1. sharyn khan says:

    I have yet to visit the hornbeam cafe I have heard plenty of good views about it.
    the food looks great I will certainly give it a go.


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