Easy animal free lunch time

Getting together quick and easy lunch for your busy week days can seem impossible, especially if you are out in the evenings and don’t have time to prepare for the next day. But there are a couple of things you can do which enable you to assemble a fast, tasty and cheap lunch without having to spend money on shop bought lunch every day.

You don’t have to be a chef, spend loads of time preparing or have any clue about cooking. No special ingredients are needed, all are available at supermarkets or local shops and you can often make something tasty just by doing a minesweep of you fridge.

Keep these few ideas in mind and you’ll be chomping your way through delicious afternoon noms every day! All, of course, without causing harm to our beautiful animal buddies.

Buy for the week!

Get the supplies in early and you can have a bunch of food which sorts lunches for about 4 days. For example bag yourself a fresh granary baguette, a pack of wraps or a bag of buns. For insides, a block of smoked tofu, a tube of vegan pate or any other filling you fancy. Add some fresness by getting in a lettuce and any other salad items and a tub of hummus.


IMG_3679[1]Freeze the bread straight away, minus the chunk you devour on Monday, and just remember to get out a piece each morning. Hey presto! Freshly made daily baguettes, sangers or wraps! If you don’t want the same lunch every day, just leave the bread frozen until the next week and use some of the ingredients another way….

Cous Cous, cous c0us, cous cous!

I’ve previously expressed my appreciation for humble cous cous. It’s THE easiest and most versatile lunch time food which can be prepared to suit you mood…or whatever you have in the fridge.



Any tinned pulses like chick peas or lentils with veg, for example courgette, greens, tomato, a little onion, can be chopped up small and warmed through as the cous cous is prepared – all with the help of a kettle alone. Just plonk it on top of the dry, cous cous, seasoned with either stock or any dried herbs of preference, before pouring over enough boiling water to cover the cous cous.img_2427Do this in a tupperware pot and put the lid on, or in a bowl and cover with a plate. Leave for about 5 mins before unveiling your master piece! Eat warm or colds with a big dollop of hummous, salad dressing, a sprinkle of seeds or nuts and whatever the hell else you fancy! It’s so seriously easy and bleeding delicious.


Curry, chilli or salad, roast veg, rice and pasta from last night’s dinner need not be wasted. Almost any left over dinner can be reinvented for lunch the next day. Stick anything in a wrap, on top of cous cous or jazz up with some dressing to give it a lunchtime vibe. Left over curry in in a pitta with some mango chutney; add a salad to left over cold pasta; use rice with tinned beans or chickpeas to make an afternoon burrito! Use your imagination, try it out and see what happens! The worst thing that could happen is that you feed it to the pigeons and go buy yourself a bag of chips. And lets face it…that ain’t a bad outcome.

IMG_2061IMG_2064IMG_1057IMG_0713It’s a common misconception that being vegan is difficult. The reality is that animal free food and ingredients are EVERYWHERE – just look in the vegetable isle in your local shop! Eating meals which are entirely free from harm is easy, good for you, good for the planet and makes the animals moo, cluck and oink with joy.



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