2 ingredient BBQ jackfruit

It can’t get easier than this. For all you short of time, food loving folk, here is a jackfruit recipe that even the busiest of bees can knock up!

Take one can of jackfruit in brine – search your local Chinese supermarket for such goodies – and a bottle of your favourite BBQ sauce, whether straight up smokey Heinz or delicious Jack Daniels sauce.

Here’s how the magic happens:

Drain the jackfruit chunks and place into a pan. Keep the brine!

Add enough sauce to cover the chunks. Make sure all are coated well. If you want a stronger sauce, add more! But beware, BBQ sauce used as a marinade can be as rich as Mr Branson, so err on the side of caution if you’re put off by overpowering flavours.

Add the brine from the tin, fill the can half way with water and add that to the pan too.

IMG_5355Leave simmering on the heat with the lid off for around 45 minutes, keeping an eye on the water levels every 10-15 mins, topping up as necessary.

This gives you some time to catch up on a box set or book, dance around the house to your favorite songs, squeeze your companion animals heads or do whatever else you’d like to spend precious spare time doing! These are mere suggestions/personal preferences.

Once the water had reduced down, use two forks to shred the chunks, add another half a cup of water and cook for another 10 minute. If you want to add any other veg to bulk it out, now is the time! Mushroom and aubergine go really well and makes the dish go further – meaning you’ll have some left over for a quick lunch or dinner later in the week.

Eat it in a wrap, with some cous cous, or rice, or chuck in a soft bun with a bit of salad. Sorted.

So, no need for fancy ingredients or spending hours grinding spices if you don’t have the time, or the will. Delicious BBQ jackfruit, minimum effort, maximum deliciousness!


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