Beautiful Bath eats

Not only is the beautiful, historic city of Bath great for a weekend of meandering, shopping and relaxing, it’s also great for properly stuffing your face. And for animal free tummies, there is a hell load of choice!

The Green Rocket Cafe 

If you want a breakfast to set you up for a day of walking tours, spend your morning at The Green Rocket Cafe. This veggie place offers a vegan monster breakfast – a rather healthy version of greasy full English counterpart.

The huge plate includes delicious sausage, herby beans, fried potato, fresh tomato and mushrooms and greens which let you get a good dose of iron, calcium and vitamin C in early in the day!

Having enjoyed the breakie immensely, the decision was made to mosey on back for Sunday roast the next day. A great way to end the weekend, the vegan dinner includes a rich and tasty nut and lentil roast, brilliant potatoes (the most important bit), perfectly cooked veg and lashings of gravy. Good food for inducing a train home coma!

With generous portions for a good price and lovely bright and relaxed rooms The Green Rocket Cafe is perfect for the weekend vibe.

Beyond the Kale

Find this very cool, organic, whole foods and juice bar at the indoor market, Green Park Station. The freshly prepared and wholesome selection of food is on display, making it bleeding hard too choose! In the end, the jackfruit wrap was hard to resist and definitely the right choice.

In fact, having sneaked a peek at the breakfast menu whilst chowing on lunch, returning for breakfast the next day was irresistible. Juicy fresh mushrooms and spinach on home baked sourdough bread and a  nourishing breakfast wrap which makes you want to yell “screw you McDonalds!”

It was really nice to have an interesting range of drinks – The sampled delights included hot choc made with raw cacao and date syrup and hot super juice containing turmeric. This incredible spice is thought to give you an awesome immunity boost…but its yellow staining abilities also made me look like a chain smoker. It was totally worth it.

An added bonus is being able to buy a range of vegan essentials like oils, nutritional yeast flakes and grains. So even if you run out of face stuffing time, pop in to stock up your cupboard…perhaps grab a raw vegan cake.


This classy establishment offers food of impressive quality. You are likely to experience flavours that you have never sampled before, such as the incredibly tasty smoked almond “emulsion” (like a thick sauce), and “Dukkah”, a mix of rushed toasted hazel nuts, sesame and salt.Inventive courses such as greens and runner beans with a creamy sauce, slightly curried cauliflower and chocolate tart with peanut ice cream leave a feeling of satisfaction and food induced joy! Wine matched courses let you slurp the perfect accompaniment to your dinner.

The lovely sophisticated ambiance creates a great atmosphere for a romantic weekend or night out with friends. Whatever the reason to visit, eating out at Acorn is bound to be a special occasion. 


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