allplants – Bringing all the flavour to your freezer

Possibly due to my reputation for being a greedy girl, I was lucky enough to be part of the development of an exciting business geared up to fill your tummies.  allplants delivers delicious, interesting and nutritious freshly frozen food to your door, all in the name of convenience for well deserving plant munchers. Brothers  JP and Alex recognise the need for healthy, delicious and most importantly, convenient, plant-based food; “we’re making delicious meals, that are good for all life on our planet and ready to cook from frozen”

There is a dish (or two, or six) for everyone, meals with a bit of a spicy kick, some comfort food and maybe something a bit different that you haven’t tried before. Dishes available in the taster menu are:

Creamy and spiced Moussaka

Bourguignon with beetroot and mushroom for the compassionate rich food lover

Jerk Jackfruit, chargrilled with a stack of fresh greens

Black Bean Chilli with chipotle and flipping lush corn-bread biscuits

Claypot Tagine with chickpeas,sweet dates and Morrocan spices

My favourite – Cashew Mac, a completely fit cheesy macaroni with tomato, kale and more flavour than you ever thought a mac and cheese could contain.

Frozen food can have a bit of a reputation for being an underling of freshly prepared meals. But, when hand prepared from fresh, with wholesome ingredients, a meal gently frozen is just as good as one freshly shoved into the oven. Because of this, you won’t find a dot of additives or preservatives either! The quality of the meals is something to which I can attest!The dishes are packed with flavour, great textures and a million miles from the £1 frozen sludge I used to buy from Iceland as a student (in my previous animal eating life!).

The concept of animal free meals being delivered directly to your door is a nothing short of a revolution for compassionate busy bees. Whether you are enjoying a dish on your tod, or inviting friends round for a mid-week meal that you are just too short on time to prepare, allplants will deliver awesome grub which would impress the biggest plant food skeptic.

Check out the allplants taster menu in which you get all six dishes, which serve two people, for £4.50 per serving! So it’s time to make a space in the freezer and watch this space!

All photos courtesy of allplants



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