Mod Pizza for vegans! 

Excuses for eating baby cow food  are getting weaker by the day, and places like Mod Pizza provide even more reason to ditch the dairy. This super fast, cheap, but most importantly delicious, pizza chain allows you to build your own pizza for one price…including tit free cheese!

As the friendly staff pass your pizza along the ingredient line, you can choose your base sauce, any herbs or greens, skip the meaty section and straight onto picking your favourite vibrant veg, before topping off with vegan cheese. Why not go for a BBQ sauce swirl to top it off?  In fact, even if you want every topping going on your pizza, it’s all for under £8!

With unlimited refills of flavoured lemonade and other fizzy delights as well as vegan beer on tap, the scene is set for a relaxed, tummy filling good time! This branch in London’s Leicester Square provides a great atmosphere with cool music and attentive staff.

So if you don’t want to make baby cows sad, but still want to eat a pizza laden with cheesy goodness, you’d best get yourself down to one of the Mod Pizza restaurants near you pronto!


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