Don’t get where vegans are coming from? Watch Carnage! 

It can be hard to make the subject of veganism funny to both vegans and non-vegans, but Simon Amstell seems to have done it. It turns out that the recipe includes a little bit of piss taking out of everyone, including vegans (stopping others from doing it!) whilst giving you a vegan’s eye view of a shameful past where people ate animals. The one hour film takes you on a journey from the real beginnings of veganism, through to the future utopia, where the thought of eating animal products is beyond comprehension.

My absolute favourite aspect is the message that love and kindness is one of the main ways in which people are finally encouraged to change their attitudes towards animals and their use. 

The most fanciful part of this sci-fi is the Government acting fast, against the agricultural industries and in the favour of human health. What with disease causing meat and dairy industries being fully supported by current Governments around the world, we will have to see a HUGE shift in attitudes for authority to put human health over business! 

In the short amount of time it’s been available, I’ve already heard a number of people quote this film as a trigger for deciding to go vegan. It’s a light and inoffensive way to learn about the reality of animal agriculture, in the context of the absurdity of the culture surrounding animal product consumption. It highlights the environmental and health impacts of our current patterns of eating whilst showing how to be part of the solution by helping to create an animal product free future! 

You can watch Carnage: swallowing the past on BBC iPlayer 

For more insight, check out this Q&A with the lovely Simon Amstell at the launch of the film. 


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  1. ohhh – i gotta watch this – thanks for the alert!


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