Bristol Vegfest 2017: Greedy gob discoveries! 

Vegan festivals are such a great opportunity to find new products, pick up deals and stuff your face with incredible vegan food; everything from pure junk food to nutrition packed salads, from ice creams to super food smoothies. 

This was my first Bristol Vegfest and the outdoors venue gives it an awesome festival vibe that isn’t found at many other vegan events. Unfortunately it will also be my last as it was announced that there will be no further Bristol Vegfest’s after this year! However, have no fear as  there are many vegan fairs and festivals popping up all the time, especially local ones. So there are always chances to get some compassionate yumminess.

Here’s a rundown of the stuff I found.  Check out the links to buy your own…

Mabboo bamboo goodies – From socks to toothbrushes, products made from this fast growing and sustainable product add to your planet saving credentials! I’d never even thought about where a plastic toothbrush ends up until visiting this stall. 

Bute island Sheese – It’s worth being patient with the crowds surrounding Sheese stalls at any event, because these people know about the mad bargains! This time the 3 for £6 offer got me my favourite chilli cheese, some mild cracked black pepper cheese and the new delicious Parmesan. The lovely Sheese lady even threw in a soft cheese spread for free! Bute island vegan cheese is widely available in Holland and Barrett as well as making Tesco own brand vegan cheese. 

Wear your voice – This small company produces positive animal rights and social justice message Tshirts and hoodies whilst raising money for excellent causes. Everyone is winning!

Ethcs althletic clothing –  A fantastic choice for those who like stylish and simple high quality clothing. Climate neutral and guaranteed to be made sweat shop free! 

Fit pit – As anti perspirants aren’t really my thing, scouting for a natural deodorant that really works can be difficult. But these guys have really cracked it! No smelly pits, just fit pits! 

Mr Hughes oils – A range of infused sweet and savoury rapeseed oils that can be used in dressings, cooking and baking. Perfect for those vegan cakes which use oil as a binder.

Follow your heart vegan egg – A weekend brunch favourite. These guys were just giving away boxes to promote their delicious product. Don’t mind if I do! You can even get this in Holland and Barrett now.

Essential worker cooperative – This organic wholesalers products are often found in health food shops. With jackfruit sometimes being difficult to get hold of, these guys have started promoting their own tinned jackfruit alongside a BBQ recipe. Of course you could always follow my major lazy recipe… 

Greenscents – Natural, ethical household products! They come top of the ethical and ecofriendly list for their laundry liquid in the Ethical Consumer survey compared to a load of other brands. 

Harpers candles – A dazzling array of soy wax candles to fill your home with bee free flavoured delights! 

And then there were the food and drink stalls. Oh my gawwwwwd…

Spice up your life – This street food stall based in Bristol brought vegan suitable byriani and deep fried goodies! 

La Buenaventura Spanish subs – These lovely guys are local to East London and can otherwise be found doing pop-ups and stalls

Pitfield’s brewery! Organic vegan booze offerings including ales, largers and mango cider.

Lush creperie – They attend a variety of festivals serving sweet and savoury crepes, making them exclusively vegan for Vegfest! Spinach and cheese was a very worthy Sunday brunch. 

Yellow Turban Thali – bringing their beautiful spiced curries to hungry festival goers. 


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