Center parcs for vegans! 

When it’s holiday time, the options for different trips in the U.K. are pretty varied. Your decision might be swayed by the ease with which you or a member of your family can get animal free grub. Activity-tastic, family (or couple) friendly, forest based Center Parcs is a fab choice! All the swimming, cycling, mini golf, climbing and other sports are bound to make you hungry. And vegans need not go hungry.  

We visited the Woburn Forest site, off peak, which is good for a cheaper trip if you are able to go in term time. Despite being a little chilly, we had the tropical pool and our cosy cabin to enjoy, whenever we weren’t stuffing our faces! Between the food available at the park, the supermarket and food we brought with us, there was plenty to keep up our energy for all the activities. 

Sports bar – a simple range of a your average plant munchers favourites like falafel, roast veggies, avocado and hummus galore. And no need to trawl through the dead stuff as vegans have their own page in the menu! 

Pancake house
– ask for the vegan menu to choose from savoury or sweet pancakes made with no involvement from chickens bums or cows boobs. But be warned! You may be excited by the thought of shovelling in pancake, but the large really is large! Especially if you go for a sweet option. 

Rajinda Pradesh Indian restaurant
– Using their allergen tablet you can navigate your way to some veggie curry dishes and sides. The fried goodies and slaw were especially good. 

The Shearing House wasn’t packed with vegan food options, but they did have cracking cocktails! 

The full kitchen in the cabin allows you to take and make all you favourite dishes, from full vegan breakfasts to wraps and burgers! On site supermarket also provides plant milks and vegan frozen goodies like Linda McCartney sausages, as well as the usual animal free groceries. For example….

Good old brunch with beans, sausages and whatever veggies you love! 

Burger with oven cooked onion rings…and more of those delicious hash browns. Take pizza bases and have your own vegan pizza and wine night by the fire! 

Frozen ready meals mean even less holiday time cooking. How about a delicious AllPlants frozen meal, so you don’t have to sacrifice taste.

The giant chalk board in the cabin also allows you to leave some positive feedback and love for the Center Parcs staff 🙂 


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