About my greedy gob

IMG_7181My name is Chrissie. I’m greedy and really like talking. So, getting to tell you about about food going into my mouth seemed the perfect outlet for what my psychology teacher called my oral fixation.

I am an average girl from Essex (not your average Essex girl) who loves food and animals but never mix the two! I simply love cooking vegan food for my vegan, veggie, pescatarian and meat eating friends and family and no dinner guest leaves the house dissatisfied…or without a food baby.

With this in mind that I hope to share my culinary adventures as I find exciting new dishes, snacks, cakes and occasionally stuff my gob in restaurants.

It’s my aim to show that vegan food does NOT mean missing out. Many people still think of vegan food as something alien, odd or a specialty but in actual fact vegan food is just food!

This is a completely inclusive forum where anyone, not just vegans, can check out recipes, ask me questions and maybe learn something about veganism. Whether you have veggie or vegan friends who you want to surprise or impress with some considerate cooking or if you are just interested in tasty food, all are welcome! This is your greedy guide to compassionate food.

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