Chocs that cost you little and cost the animals zero!

It’s a bit of a misconception that vegan chocolates are an expensive specialist delicacy. You can buy cheap and cheerful cow tit free chocolate in a number of high street shops and supermarkets. Whether you are a chocoholic or want to buy a token for your Valentine, you can find chocolate that will tug at the heart strings without you having to losen your purse strings!

Celtic caramel choices – Sainsbury’s and Holland and Barrett

These individually wrapped caramel choccies look rather posh and taste completely luxurious. They can be found in the “free from” section in Sainsburys and cost around around £2.75 for 12. Perfect for those with a very sweet tooth!

Raspberry ruffle – Poundland and Morrisson’s

 Some mega cheap accidentally vegan treats that you can pick up for just £1 (a little more in Morrisson’s). Sainsbury’s also sell them in bar’s and you can buy great big jars of them online…but best not go there if you’re hoping to set an example of vegan health!  Ruffles have a coconutty raspberry centre and a chocolate coating, and they are pink inside, so they are the right colour for romance innit!


Ashley’s Family Treats – Assorted Dark Chocolate Creams – Poundland

Another £1 bargain, these strawberry, rose and violet flavoured creams even come in a box complete with hearts. Florally cream chocolates can be an aquired taste, but if you or your loved one is a fan, you’re onto a winner here!

Plamil – Holland and Barrett and other health food shops

 This especially vegan chocolate range is also gluten and nut free. Flavours incude coffee, mint and milk alternative. They are sweet and the smaller snack bars helpful for those who find it hard to put down chocolate once the wrapper has been opened. Small bars cost around £1.20 and bigger bars in the range of £2.50 – £3.

Moo free chocolate  – Holland and Barrett, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose

The sweet little “mini moos” chocolate bars come in 4 flavours: milk, honeycomb, mint and orange. The bunny comb is really sweet, the minty moo refreshing and the cheeky orange just tastes like a Terry’s chocolate orange! Most have a really nice crunchy topping and they cost around £1 each.

Now don’t blame me if you overdose…and don’t forget to keep you choccies out of reach of greedy doggies!


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